Contribute to Open Beauty Facts

Tot el que us cal és tenir una actitud d'escaneig! :-)

Can we make the cosmetics industry more open and transparent? Sí, escanegem! In barely a week, already 30 Open Beauty Facts contributors and growing !
Sí, escanegem!

Tothom hi pot col·laborar

Be part of our collaborative, free and open database of cosmetic products from around the world!

Open Beauty Facts is a non-profit project made entirely by volunteers, we do need you.

Afegiu productes

Use our Android, iPhone or Windows Phone app to easily scan the barcode of products from your home or local stores and upload pictures of their label.

No teniu telèfon mòbil? Cap problema: també podeu utilitzar la vostra càmera per afegir productes directament al lloc web.

Al lloc web, també podeu omplir la informació dels productes que vosaltres, o altres persones, heu afegit.

Expliqueu-ho al món

Do you like Open Beauty Facts? Comenteu la seva existència amb altres persones!

You can present the project to your family and friends, show them how to install the app and contribute, write a blog post, share Open Beauty Facts on social media...

I presentar-ho en directe! We have presented Open Beauty Facts to very different audiences in very different settings, and we always get a very enthusiastic response when we show what can be done when the data for products is open. Tenim lots de de materials de presentació (diapositives, etc.) que podeu adaptar o presentar com estan.

Feu que sigui local

You can help to translate the site and mobile app in your language, and to translate presentations, announcements etc.

Podem treballar junts per donar suport i afegir logotips a les etiquetes locals, descodificar els codis locals d'empreses envasadores per a poder assignar productes, etc.

Start or join a local contributors community: add local products, recruit friends, present the project in local meetups and conferences etc.

Necessitem l'ajuda d'experts

Developing Open Beauty Facts also requires specialized knowledge and expertise in many different areas:

  • Gestió de projectes

    Tenim tones d'idees i probablement n'hi ha més, però és un gran desafiament prioritzar-les, per construir un full de ruta i per gestionar projectes on cada participant és voluntari amb un temps limitat.

  • Disseny

    We need help to build a better user experience on the Open Beauty Facts web site and mobile app, to improve their design, to create impactful presentation materials etc.

  • Desenvolupament

    We have a lot of development work to do: on the Open Beauty Facts backend (Perl and MongoDB), API (JSON), web site (HTML5, JS, Foundation), iOS / Android / Windows Phone / FirefoxOS apps (currently developed in HTML and JS with Apache Cordova / Phonegap), to build new cool reuses etc. Our code is on GitHub.

  • Construint la comunitat

    Necessitem construir comunitats locals en tots els països i, alhora, unir-les globalment.

    It is very difficult to bootstrap a local community in a country without living there, so your help to find the first very motivated participants is essential. Sou un d'ells?

  • Comunicació

    No estem segurs de què escriure aquí, ens podríeu ajudar?

    More seriously, there are lot of cool things that users, contributors and reusers do with Open Beauty Facts, it would be great to get more people to know about it. In particular, we need help for public and media relations.

  • Projectes especials

    There are lots of interesting and original applications of cosmetic open data that we could work on with government cosmetic agencies, cosmetic producers, researchers, universities, schools, NGOs etc. Potser ja teniu idees? Si les teniu, si us plau, ajudeu-nos a empènyer endavant.


A la nostra comunitat de col·laboradors es comparteixen moltes idees, energia i entusiasme, uneix-te a nosaltres!

Aquí teniu alguns llocs on podeu conèixer altres col·laboradors, parlar-hi i treballar amb ells:

  • Slack

    Slack és la millor manera d'interactuar i col·laborar amb altres col·laboradors, desenvolupadors i reutilitzadors. It's a discussion forum you can access from your browser or your phone. Ha canviat completament la manera de treballar junts. Please try it, click on the button below to get invited to our Slack.

  • Grups de Facebook

    We have Facebook groups for Open Beauty Facts contributors in many languages. Joining them is a good way to get news about the project and to share announcements to a wider audience.

  • Wiki

    We also have a wiki that we use to collaboratively document Open Beauty Facts and its sub-projects. We also use the wiki to manage translations and to work on the taxonomies / hierarchies of categories, labels etc.

There are many more ways to contribute to Open Beauty Facts, please join us on Slack and let's start the discussion!